Trews on Equality

I have taken this snippet from one of this weeks episodes of Russel Brands the Trews. He has a point…its not working to have a large amount of money in the hands of a few and the rest of the population in poverty. If this is the only way large corporate companies will work, then it isn’t sustainable to keep them, they need to be disbanded and replaced by localised, compassionate companies who will support their employees and more equally distribute wealth. The children of the founder of Wal-mart have as much money between them as half of America!

The episode is discussing the Wal-Mart protests. People working full time for Wal-Mart are still having to claim benefits as their wages do not keep them above the poverty line EVEN THOUGH THEY WORK FULL TIME.

Fox news slates the protestors saying “but they have jobs ”. Don’t take the job if you don’t want it!”

Russell highlights the lack of compassion or understanding of the people who’s job it is to inform people of this issue. The media must change, and the TNCs that control them must change too.

The full video is here:


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