Designing to Last: Worn Wear by Patagonia


Patagonia is known for their hardwearing clothing, but their philosophy goes past the adventures of the single explorer. They are celebrating the people that keep their Patagonia clothing for a lifetime, and even pass it down to the next generation.

This is something to be celebrated. Too many companies focus on obsolete products that will fail, require upgrades or become undesirable so that the buyer returns to hand over money for the next product release. Patagonia are making a name for themselves as a clothing brand to last. They draw an audience of people with mobile and hardy lives. Surfers, climbers, travellers and the like will invest in garments for a long-term cheaper wardrobe. Their success comes from a growing loyal customer network. As awareness grows, I hope companies will take on the ideologies of Patagonia, and improve peoples relationships with their possessions.

Stop throwing away. Don’t buy new if…

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