Eat it Ugly

veg footer

Millions of tonnes of vegetables are discarded per year because they “aren’t pretty enough”. Supermarket sellers regulate the shape and size of the vegetables they put on display for sale to what they think will be more appealing to the general public. This system results in disastrous amounts of waste increasing the demand for land to grow vegetables far above the actual demand of bought vegetables.

Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver recently ran a scheme in Sainsburys to promote “knobbly” veg. It had a promising uptake, not just because it was cheaper but people seemed to enjoy the variety of the vegetables and (kids especially) found it fun and engaging to choose their produce.

jamie and jimmy


So why do we do it?

Below is an article released recently by Greenpeace discussing the issue and asking people to take back ugly veg and stop the supermarkets from throwing away vast amounts of perfectly tasty veg.


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