75% of ‘Honkongers’ willing to pay for Sustainability

In an article released in the South China Morning post today, its is said that “75% of Hongkongers say they are prepared to pay more for sustainable products that are good for the environment, a survey shows.”

Is this because of the fact that our effects on the environment have such a presence in Hong Kong? After all, their tremendous air pollution problem has been a hot topic for a while. Does it take for the detrimental effect of human activity to become a health issue literally being shoved down out throats to make us act on sustainability? Its a great step to see a developed and metropolitan area to have a majority support of paying for sustainability. I just hope more will support such decisions before they are in dire need of saviour from their own pollution.

As a sustainable designer I see this as an exciting evolution. As more people take up sustainable products the more we will market towards the sustainably minded as they move towards the majority. The article also states:”But they are far less willing to do so if it causes them inconvenience or upsets their daily habits.” This again poses an interesting point for designers. Peoples behaviour may need to change, but they don’t want it to! As designers we need to work with peoples habits, and perhaps alter them where we can. We will not have the majority on our side if we criticise the way they do things and ask them to change completely.


Here’s the link to the article if you wish to read more:




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