Leo Dicaprio uses his moment to spread awareness

In his long awaited moment in front of the eyes of many, Leonardo DiCaprio uses his Academy Award acceptance speech as a chance to share his urgent message on climate change.

A two year method project which took him to some of the harshest climates allowed the actor to see first had some of the most apparent effects of climate change. The Revenant was filmed in one year to allow the actors to go through the natural cycle of changing with the seasons to connect with how their characters would have felt as part of the rugged environment. Filming in Canada had to move due to an early rise in temperature; the snow was melting and the filming required more scenes in the snow. To find out more about the environmental and cultural impact of the Revenant as a project watch the documentary “A World Unseen”, linked below.

For Leonardo’s selfless speech in full, play here:


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