UN Official Happy With Sustainable Development Advances

Jan Eliasson (UN official) is reportedly happy with the progress towards sustainable development goals. The ‘goals affect all sectors of government and society, and are unlikely to be achieved unless the focus is on all aspects of how the government is organized, including the transportation systems, agricultural structures, industrial structures, migration, and urbanization, among others.’

There is also a focus on inclusivity and breaking down social barriers: “It has to reach everybody, and we must have the ambition to fight inequalities and reach those who are furthest behind – leave no one behind, we say.  So it’s a message of solidarity.” It is encouraging so see global leaders encouraging the cooperation of nations and races to live harmoniously together with nature.

I see Eliasson’s comments as a good sign, but we must not get complacent. The fact that nations are starting to work towards sustainability is the smallest of first steps towards a world that will last.


Read more from the article that informed this post: http://www.voanews.com/content/un-official-pleased-with-efforts-to-implement-sustainable/3222068.html



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