Zara’s Gender Neutral Clothing Line

Spanish brand Zara has launched its new line titled “Ungendered”. Already available online, the collection is made up of t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts and joggers which are designed to conform to the body of anyone.


The new range is setting quite the example for the fashion world, leaving terms “men’s” and women’s” looking rather outdated. It comes at a time when gender is becoming more of a liquid term. For years women have been buying ‘boyfriend fit’ jeans, recent fashion has some men choosing tight and low cut t-shirts. So as all of these cross-overs have emerged, why not sell to all, without that label. There’s never been anything wrong with buying from ‘the other section’, but if a woman likes a “man’s” jumper, would she feel embarrassed to buy it? I know when I’ve been shopping for my boyfriend and go walkabout in the store, some men start to look unnerved at a woman with an arm full of large skate Ts and sweatshirts, and I’ve made a point of saying he’d look good in them so they know they aren’t for me. But I wear sweatshirts. I wear graphic Ts. I often wear my boyfriends clothes for goodness sake. So why does it feel (even if we do it often) like we are doing something wrong. Growing up as a tomboy it was a topic of conversation that I often chose my clothes from the boys section. But why were adults so obsessed with it. I was just wearing what I liked. Why should there be any difference between me choosing pink stripes or purple dots, and choosing a Bart Simpson t-shirt.

I’m all for the unisex range. Its more sustainable to display and breaks down the barriers between sexes in a new realm. Well done Zara.

Here’s hoping that Zara encourages other big brands to follow its lead.


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