Protect the NHS

Sustainability is after all about the health of our planet. The British have everything to be proud of in our NHS. Like all systems involving millions of people, its not perfect, but it helps a hell of a lot of people protect their personal wellbeing.

Having travelled to many of the far corners of the earth myself, one thing that citizens of other countries always seem to mention, is how lucky we are to have free healthcare. If we fall ill and require treatment that costs tens of thousands of pounds, we are not faced with the ethical issue of being denied treatment if we don’t have the money. How lucky are we. Is anything worth loosing this treasure? No.

Past leaders have worked hard to get us to the situation we are in today. It only takes one set of bad leaders to put us far from restoring the glorious free healthcare we have today. Instead of tearing it down and replacing it with a ‘better’ but more elite system, why not just focus on making what we have better. Look after doctors. Look after nurses. Pay them well. Give them the time off they need. And if you treat them well, more people will want to work in those professions, and their time combined can make for not only a more efficient NHS, but a happier and stronger one.
The junior doctors have been striking recently, and some people that don’t seem to understand their motives are speaking negatively of them. Please excuse the language, but this comedian has done well to passionately sum up the pressures these doctors are under…:


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