Evolution not Revolution

My friend Rob posted this status earlier today and I don’t think I can put it ay better:

I respect democracy and fully appreciate that there are a majority of people in this country who felt their government failed them and they were not being represented, even if my personal views were to remain.

However after this campaign I was saddened to see the democracy in this country reduced to American style smeer campaigns with such few policy driven debates. This morning I read the below passage in the Daily Mail written by Richard Little John

“Self-styled sophisticates may sneer at Nigel Farage, but in another lifetime he’d have been a Spitfire pilot fighting the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Most of his critics would have been desk-jockeys in Whitehall or conscientious objectors, if not outright collaborators.”

This is an emotive fantastical bit of writing suggesting that this was all some wonderful sequel to the Great Escape. Our heroes were British and the Liberals were standing by at their desks letting us be manipulated by the Nazis of Brussels. There is no doubt either that the liberal media has been just as quick to cast any leave campaigner as a racist idiot who should not be allowed to vote further alienating each other’s views.

I have spent the last day trying to find a concise article which would demonstrate some of the more rounded benefits for leaving the EU and a plan of action for our current situation. One very resourceful piece despite still advocating free movement was on Professor Brian Cox website which I have linked below. In the article they discuss the immediate importance of uniting our government and working to mend the tension throughout the nation. There is no doubt we have hard work ahead but we must work together.

With that in mind I say this, since 1974 every Sun newspaper backed political campaign has been successful wether general election or referendum. Despite having various parties associated to them. The media thrives on this divisive environment and the papers are whimsical with their views. The rhetoric will always be sensationalist, designed for daily consumption but effecting the long term decisions. Do not ever let the media solely become your commentator, read far and wide, strive to understand every aspect of an argument. There are few with a simple solutions in the modern world and certainly none that can be solved in a headline, meme or billboard.


Read the article he refers to here:



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