Realising the Significance of Architecture

IMG_9925.jpgYesterday I visited the 9/11 memorial and museum at the World Trade Centre NYC. It was a moving experience, especially as it was the anniversary of the Feb 26th attack in ’93.

-This is my personal interpretation of the memorial-

As I watched water fall down into the bottomless black hole, I could feel the depth of grief held within the city. The continual falling of tears, of lives, of rubble… I was transported. The memorial so eloquently communicates the permanence of the events of September 11th 2001. The continual cascade represents the unforgiving grief that will remain in the lives of all affected by the disaster.
The artistic prowess it took to create such a feature is astounding, from conception to construction; the mathematics to calculate the angles and depths so that onlookers cannot see the bottom, creates an infinite depression where the towers once stood.
Each name is in negative space, subtracted from the bronze parapets surrounding the pools, creating space where there once was matter. But the space makes way for light, as the lives of those lost are remembered with courage and pride.

Freedom Tower opened in 2014, overlooking the site of the 9/11 memorial. Built to a height of 1776ft, Architect David Childs’ deliberate reference to the year the USAs Declaration of Independence was signed is an act of defiance, a testament to the resilience of the American people.

I have no words for what is shared  within the museum. The lives lost, and the survivors, will always be remembered. They will continue to inspire beauty and art with their sacrifice. For me this is the pinnacle of the human condition: to strive to create when our surroundings do all they can to paralyse.IMG_9956.jpg



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