Perish the thought!: Lindsay Lohan is exploring spirituality

God forbid a woman (or man for that matter) would explore their spirituality- yes there is intended irony in this statement.

Lindsay Lohan has become a person of interest in the media since a photo of her holding a Qur’an (from 5 years ago) started getting traffic on Instagram. She appeared on Good Morning Britain in an uncomfortable interview with the apparent sole purpose of pushing her uncomfortably into a corner and poking her with an ignorant, politically-charged, closed-minded stick (i.e. Piers Morgan).

Russel Brand has responded with his usual charm. A candid breakdown of the interview, with the exaggerated views of the media brought to plain sight. It is less damaging to hear the anti-islamic views being expressed by Brand’s mocking, blunt language, than the divisive, accusatory questioning which is casually displayed on a morning, family, current affairs show!

All men women and children should be free to explore whatever helps them find peace. All men women and children should be free to explore spirituality. Meeting open-mindedness with fear and interrogation will only continue to oppress the peace that these individuals are striving for.

Well done Lindsay Lohan for completing this interview with dignity and calm. When your views were pushed aside and your personal journey was being criticised, you did a fabulous job of spreading the message that we must make time to search for personal meaningful connections. Your demeanour spoke volumes of the understanding and patience you have gained on your life journey so far and I only hope that one day such behaviour will be displayed in the media, not by those being prosecuted, but by those presenting.


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