Everything I have written in this post is using information and case studies from the film…

New documentary film ‘What the Health’- now available on Netflix- uncovers how meat, dairy and fast food giants have been funding charities fighting diseases that have been linked to a diet containing their products. This ultimately means that the charities have a vested interest in NOT educating people on the negative effect of these foods on their health. The result: a population unaware that what they eat each day is killing them, because the organisations they look to for health advice are withholding information and encouraging eating foods made by the industries that pay them the most in sponsorship.

Various organisations were explored within the film: American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Susan G Komen… every one of the organisations were taking money form the very industries that were identified as causing the diseases that they were supposed to be preventing.

Many of these health charities are also sponsored by pharmaceutical industry giants and the animal food industry. This hinted towards the charities working with the lucrative medical industry. Essentially these charities are withholding health information, encouraging people to eat the food of the industries that support them, and ensuring people are sick enough to buy into the medical industries that support them. “Here in America, we are in the business of treating sick people, we are not in the business of making sure people dont get sick”- Dr Milton Mills.
With medical professionals educated in the medicines to treat illness rather than the nutritional and lifestyle information to prevent the illness: “You’re guaranteed if you follow your doctors advice, you will be ill forever” …”I dont know how long my livers going to last taking all this stuff”-Diabetes Sufferer.

-1/10 healthcare dollars spent on diabetes
-$1.5 trillion dollar medical industry equivalent to the 10th largest GDP
-$5billion stent industry
-$35billion statin industry

“What he wanted to talk about was people living longer with diabetes. Once you mention prevention, he didn’t want to talk!” talking about the abruptly ended interview with Dr Robert Ratner, head medical advisor to the American Diabetes Association.

Pharmaceuticals also make billions selling drugs for livestock. These drugs make it into the meat through biological concentration. Consumers cannot find out the effects of what s in their food as the information is blacked out on documentation that is released as the industry owners buy rights to the information and withhold it from the public.  Jayden Hanson- “around 7000 people die from salmonella and similar bacterial issues a year. Can you imagine if that many people were being killed by a terrorist organisation, we would find them!”

Almost more alarming, is the connection between these industries and the american government. 

US Dietary advisory committee who make a pyramid or diet chart…are funded by fast food companies and processed meat, egg and dairy industry. These foods are in government funded adverts and papers because they are paying the government.
-US Government paid $12million dollars to Pizza Hut to market more dairy heavy products- leading to such products as the stuffed crust.
-6 people have been found to work for McDonalds with the job of developing items with more animal product content. Government programmes have these people in place to say “eat more beef, drink more milk, eat more cheese…”. These government programmes are funded by the producers that are regulated by it!
-This is why we have these kinds of foods in schools, to market it from a younger age.

As the government is so heavily funded by these industries they want to support them to keep the government well paid. Main agenda of egg industry meeting was to “neutralise the negative image of milk fat by regulators and medical professionals”. When successful egg substitute Hampton creek foods was recognised by the American egg industry, they joked on their government emails about murdering the CEO. Egg and dairy industry funded studies to confuse consumers with the aim of instating doubt. “Doubt is our product” was a famous saying in the tobacco industry. “They just had to introduce doubt, then they would win”. The tobacco industry’s now widely known dangers are here compared to the animal product industry’s knowledge of its toxicity and willingness to hide this knowledge, allowing the  resulting doubt to stop people from changing their behaviours. The tobacco industry has legislation for it to make people aware at point of sale of its dangers, animal products do not…

…The monetary gains being made from these harmful industries is giving them power to write laws. This has allowed them to protect their industries from legislation. They have even protected the leaking of health issues linked to their products.
-$millions lobbying congress from industry
-Laws have been passed against whistleblowing under ‘animal enterprise terrorism act’
-The government is in bed with the people that give them the most money: the pharmaceutical industry, the meat egg and dairy industry…they put people in prison when people do so much as taking pictures to show the truth: see AGAG laws
-‘Cheeseburger laws’ are written to basically stop the same legislations to be put on animal products that have been put on tobacco industry.


Bad meat industry:

As pressure on the meat industry grows shorter line speeds mean inspections are low and standards have fallen. More meat is contaminated with faecal matter and puss from abscesses contracted by animals living in close quarters and filthy conditions.

93% dioxin exposure comes from eating meat. Men cannot get rid of dioxins, women can by 2 ways: through the placenta and breastfeeding. So the only way a woman can process dioxins is by spreading them to her child.

People thin fish is better: Dr Kim Williams. Cardiology. “Salmon or tilapia,… is essentially higher risk than a pork chop”

Cheese encompasses many of the issues surrounding animal products…the holy grail if you will: biological concentration through it not only being an animal product but made from milk which is high is sex hormones, puss, medication and any other unwanted substances that have passed through the cows system. The milk is then highly processed.  And finally you add large amounts of salt.

“Although I may be able to eat small amounts of meat and dairy without a great negative effect on my health, I just couldn’t support the industries that are doing so much harm to communities around the world”

Dr Alan Goldhamer “something being less toxic does not make it healthy, it makes it less toxic”

Kimberly Snyder nutritionist and NYT Bestseller “substances found in animal products cause hormonal and developmental issues”

Man from North Carolina’s life is greatly affected by the local meat industry filling the air with pollutants, when he protests the practice he is told that these businesses are feeding the world: “They’re not interested in feeding the world, you take the money away they’ll let the people starve. We can feed the people more with corn and other plants than with meat.”

“Serving chicken at a diabetes event is like serving alcohol at an AA meeting, it just doesn’t make sense” Steev-O, Star of Jackass, stormed out of Diabetes Charity event after seeing meat buffet contents.

-Susan Levin “dairy products increase the risk of various cancers” women who have previously suffered from breast cancer, if eating dairy, their risk of dying from breast cancer is increased 49%.

Positives of plant-based:

Dr Garth Davis- “People think illness e.g. heart disease is genetic.”
Dr. Michael Greger “Even if you’ve been delt a bad genetic deck, you can still reshuffle it with diet and lifestyle”
Dr Michelle McMacken: ” On a plant based diet, cholesterol plummets within days!
“We’re not told about the power of food in medical school…it trumps our genetics!”
Dr Michael Greger “The side effect [of a plant based diet] is not having to to take drugs!”
“1 drug for each ailment adds up to tens of drugs for 1 person… or 1 diet to treat them all!”

99.4% of people suffering heart disease avoided major cardiac events by going on plant based diet

Patients suffering with rheumatoid arthritis came off all medication after being put on a plant based diet. One reason is because of the massive reduction of swelling in the body when animal products are removed.

Dripping vegan blood on a cancer cells in a petri dish has even been see to stunt growth and kill the cancer! [I am interested into looking into this more, is this because the cancer feeds off of mutations/responds to chemicals that enter the human body through ingestion of animal products?]

-“All protein is made by plants, it is not necessary to eat meat to get protein. Only plants have the ability to take nitrogen from the air and turn it into amino acids for making proteins” -Dr Milton Mills “The biggest strongest animals are all herbivores!”

-Human milk has the lowest protein content of any mammal milk ever tested, Dr Michael  Klaper “there is no child that needs cow milk in their diet the same as there is no child that needs giraffe milk or mouse milk”


Frugivores: Flatter teeth, jaw moves sideways, gut 9 x body length

Omnivores: Large canines, jaw moves up and down, gut 3 x body length

Eat a diet your body is designed for!- Humans are designed to be frugivores. This means we are meant to eat like apes: approx 90% protein from plants and maybe 10% from insects.

“There is nothing you can get in a meat diet that you cannot get from a plant based diet”


Athletes are using vegan diets to heal. If they are being put on plant based diets at times of injury, why are we not on them all the time to prevent and/or quickly overcome injury?!

-David Carter NFL improved his weightlifting and repaired a longstanding injury by going on a plant based diet.

-Timothy Sheiff – World free running champion and ninja warrior, gained stamina and strength “being vegan enhances myself as an athlete” “I dont want my gains to be at the detriment of the planet”. He lost 15-20lbs and  toned up when he went vegan

-Mu Jin Han- Drug Free athlete “I started training in my thirties. All the muscles you see, I gained as a vegan”

-Tia Blanco- Professional surfer “I travel around the world to compete and my diet supports that. I would never not want to be vegan now I know how it feels to be vegan”

-Rich Roll- Ultra Endurance Athlete “I never thought I could feel as good as this at this age, I feel 20 and Im 50!”


what the health





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