Christiana Figueres took to the stage at the Global Citizen concert, ahead of the Hamburg G20 Summit, to spread a message of stubborn optimism to reach the environmental targets of mission 2020. [ see ]

The event showcased musical talent from around the world, including Coldplay, Shakira and Pharrel Williams, to punctuate speeches discussing the importance and urgency of the sustainability agenda. We need to live more sustainably, full stop. We need systemic change, full stop. We need to act fast, FULL STOP.

We need to be STUBBORN CLIMATE OPTIMISTS. The simple slogan highlights the importance to keep approaching the sustainable agenda without hesitance. There will be climate change skeptics, there will be industries that don’t want to get on board with great change. We must keep pushing on, not only to share the importance of reducing climate change, but to discover ways to make it work.

Whatever your speciality or profession, how can you use your skills to move your life and your industry into a more sustainable model?
[see Christiana Figures at 3hrs 49mins]


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 23.10.32.png





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